Hubbard Hall: ‘Beating heart of community’

In 1977 Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education was born, and since then it has served Cambridge and surrounding communities throughout Washington County and beyond, providing the best arts programs and performances. 

The non-profit rural community multi-arts center is dedicated to bringing the very best of the visual arts, theater, dance and music to the people. Hubbard Hall is dedicated to cultivating, sustaining and promoting the cultural life of Washington County and the Capital Region. 

People from all different backgrounds gather to create, learn and grow together. Hubbard Hall does this while simultaneously developing, producing and presenting world-class art and artists. 

The non-profit does this to enhance the lives of the people and the community.

It is described as an incubator for artists of all ages and backgrounds. Hubbard Hall takes pride in being a magnet for artistic activity, a safe haven for risk-taking and an economic driver for the region.

It’s the beating heart of the community.

Through classes in dance, theater, music, movement, visual arts, puppetry, creative writing, martial arts, yoga and even gardening Hubbard Hall gives students of all ages the opportunity to train, collaborate and thrive.

It is also committed to restoring and preserving Hubbard Hall and all of the buildings on its campus as community cultural assets.

The non-profit closed its doors for the months of January and February of this year to save on expenses and to become stronger heading into the new year. In a letter to the Hubbard Hall Community posted on its website, executive and artistic director David Andrew Snider provided a teaser for what is to come this spring.

“We will be back in March with ten weeks of spring classes slated to begin Monday, March 29,” he said. “We can’t wait to see you on campus again then.”

The anticipated date for classes to be listed online is March 15. 

If you would like to learn more about Hubbard Hall, want to see what classes and events are available or wish to donate to the non-profit visit

Hubbard Hall is located at 25 E. Main St. in Cambridge.

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Author: NYVT Media

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